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Called them one afternoon and in just a few hours they exchanged my carburetor! Awesome price and friendly service too! Highly recommended.

After reading some of these reviews I was cautious but took the chance anyway and I sure was glad I did!  Unbolted my old carb put the new one on and wiz bang it was like I had a new truck!  The truck has never ran better. Don't try to adjust nothing they do it for you. If it ain't broke don't mess with it, these guys know carbs.

I'm not sure why this place got so many bad reviews. I just exchanged a Holley 2300 for a 1969 International Scout and the carb showed up clean, functional and preadjusted. I'm extremely happy with the results. I recieved an email from Omar befor it shipped (to Ohio). Communication was great. My Scout is back to tearing up the trail again. The only complaint is the gasket that was provided was the thin paper gasket nd not the thick one with metal grommets that should be on the vehicle... but no big deal. That was a special order anyway.


Thanks guys for the great build quality and communication.

My '87 Corolla failed smog. Replaced/rebuilt everything I could think of: spark plugs, oxygen sensor, EBCV system, catalytic converter, narrowed it down to the carb which was not spraying fuel down the venturi but was squirting fuel! Tried it to rebuild it myself but no go. Must be a real serious problem.


Ordered a replacement online at and in 2 days I had a newly rebuilt carb complete with mounting gaskets and a missing part I asked for.


TIP: Ask for a couple vacuum port plugs just in case.


My corolla runs better than ever, no more lousy acceleration and I can't wait to see what the HC/CO levels are!

I drive a 1986 GMC Caballero 5.0 equipped with a M4ME Rochester Quadrajet Computer Carburetor.  This original carburetor had over 325,000 miles on it.  As a result, it was time for a rebuild.  I happened to stumble across Carburetor Exchange, since Google Chrome followed me whatever I'm looking for.


The price I've paid was fair and reasonable and far less than the competition.  Forget about going to Autozone or Oreilly's; unless of course you want to pay between $700--$800 for the same thing.  And you're getting the same thing or better from the source.


I came in with my old carburetor to get a rebuilt replacement carburetor, however, I didn't want to give up my shanky  old carburetor as a core exchange.  I knew if the newly rebuilt carburetor was a bust, I still have my old original carburetor.  Low and behold that's exactly what had happened.  The newly rebuilt carburetor didn't run the way it supposed to.


Because of this, I ended up re-installing my old carburetor drove over to Carburetor Exchange and let them install the carburetor I've purchase from them.   After an hour, my vehicle was up and running like a champ!  However, the check engine light was strong and bright, while it was running at the shop.


I was told to bring the vehicle back on Monday, (01/28/13) and they will rebuild my original carburetor and install it back on without any additional charges.  And that's exactly what I've done.  My original shanky carburetor was freshly rebuilt and installed with no check engine light coming on!


Now that's what I call Great Customer Service!  Carburetor Exchange went beyond and exceeded my expectation.  You guys know your carburetors well!  Great job!  My truck is running like a champ again.  Thank you for your services.  I hope you folks will prosper from my review.

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