Eric Jacobson
Unbelievable service for your carburetors. Staff is very personable, and the expectations are 100%. They do what they say. Before and after photos...I can't wait to reinstall it in my truck and get her running again.
I purchased an old car knowing that I would face some challenges in trying to get it registered. Never did I think that the problems I would face would be finding honest and reputable shops near my residence. I’m very handy and can repair almost anything. Rebuilding a carburetor, I’ll pass on that one. But I found myself in a situation that is unfortunate and decided to remove my carburetor and find a business that specializes in rebuilding them. So I did. I had to commute to El Monte and I’m so glad I found this shop. Their only business is rebuilding carbs. The employees I dealt with were knowledgeable, friendly and professional. They answered all of my questions and my carburetor was rebuilt to it’s original OEM specs. I know this because they test and run my carb on their specially designed machine to ensure that the carb operating correctly. I dropped my carb off on Monday 2/13 and picked it up Thursday 2/16. How much did I pay, you ask? $216.00. Considerably so much less than the estimated ms I was given at Bernardo’s shop in Highland Park. I’m sorry that’s incorrect. Bernardo’s I paid in full for a new carb $700, and as of this writing those crooks have not called me to to notify me that my brand new card has arrived and they are ready to install it. I understand why they have not called and they will not call, because they lied to me in regards to me purchasing a brand new carb. They are no longer produced. Not a problem I’m glad I paid with a credit card. My bank is investigating and I have no doubt my $700 charge will be reversed. No need for me to bring up the other shops. Simply read my other 2 reviews on them. Now I will install my carb and have to find an honest Star Certified Smog and Repair station to proceed with my vehicle registration. Wish me luck finding one. Clearly they are not easy to find. Thank you Carburetor Exchange Center in El Monte!!!! More businesses should emulate your business practices and fair pricing.
Jason D
Johnny and his staff were awesome, great customer service and experts! They overhauled and tuned my son's carburator for his 82 corolla under warranty. Car runs great! I rate them 10 out of 10! Try them out! Definitely our go to place for our old carburated cars! Thanks guys!!!
Oliver Rehusch
Excellent service, these guy know what they are doing - they rebuilt the 67 Mustang's carburetor right then and there - and at a reasonable price. Just be aware they only accept cash.
Tim Bingley
I received my rebuilt carb today and installed it this evening on my hipo 289. It idles perfect, starts immediately and has a crisp throttle. It has never ran this well! Many thanks to Dan and Joe! They know their stuff.
Howard Potter
This is a "First Class" outfit! Very responsive. If you want a "plug and play" carb, this is the place to go. Carburetor for my 1963 Thunderbird worked perfectly out of the box with only the throttle needing any adjustment at all. There was no need for me to adjust the idle mixtures whatsoever saving me a great deal of pain. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
Bill & Nancy Russell
I had a bad accelerator pump and the choke on my carb was not functioning properly. After having the carb rebuilt, I installed it and my old Mustang now runs beautifully. I’m going to bring in the carb from my daughter-in-law’s Mustang. Highly recommend this place.